Terms, Conditions & Policies

The same as they were for the past 38 years (except for the 1 ½ years I was gone on an LDS Mission in Michigan). I write the letter, you write the check (or order on line, which I prefer). If you want to cancel your subscription contact me, HB Arnett, and I will refund proportionately your cost of a subscription. All information obtained by me remains confidential and is not nor will be used or shared or sold to any other party. As indicated on this site, the cost of a one-year subscription to Cougar Sportsline Lite for one year is $49.95. All subscriptions are electronic and sent via email. Issues and updates are sent when I want and there is something worthwhile to write and send. A minimum of 50 issues/updates per year will be sent, but more likely it will be close to 100 per year. Your purchase will show on your bank statement as Cougar Sportsline Lite.